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Send Documents Online for Acceptance

Send Online

QuoteBee helps you share your quotes and proposals prepared in Google Docs with your customers for online acceptance or discussion.

QuoteBee Online Viewer features allows you to:

  1. Publish Google document to QuoteBee Online Viewer and set validity period
  2. Automatically send emails to your customers with QuoteBee Online Viewer link and a custom message
  3. Allow your customers to view your document, accept it online, and comment on it
  4. Notify you every time your document is opened or commented upon
  5. Reply back to customer comments/questions from within Google document
  6. Track complete audit trail including details of viewer’s IP address and device information (in final acceptance)

Quick start

  1. Once your quote/proposals are ready to be shared with customers, open QuoteBee from Add-ons menu in Google Document.
  2. Select “Send online” option from QuoteBee sidebar in current document.
  3. Enter relevant details such as customer name, document valid till date, customer email address, email subject, and email message.
  4. Click on “Preview” button to preview your document in QuoteBee Online Viewer in new tab.
  5. Hit “Send” once you are ready to share the document with customers. You can view email sent to your customers in your Gmail/G Suite email sent items.

Document Life Cycle

QuoteBee Online Viewer helps you navigate through following four life cycle states of your quotes/proposals.

Document Life Cycle

  1. DRAFT
  2. SENT

QuoteBee add-on sidebar will highlight current status of document at the top for each document where the add-on is being used.


Every time you start QuoteBee add-on in Google Document, it is saved as Draft state.


Once the document is shared using QuoteBee Online Viewed options, document status changes to Sent.


When your customers opens the quote/proposal QuoteBee Online Viewed link, document status changes to Viewed.


Finally, once your customers have accepted the quote/proposal online, document status is changed to Accepted.

Sending document online

Send documents online

You can send document for online acceptance to your customers using “Send online” option in QuoteBee add-on sidebar.

When you send document online with QuoteBee, it does two things:

  1. Publish Google Document for display in QuoteBee Online Viewer
  2. Send email as per details provided (to, cc, subject, message) along with a link to QuoteBee Online Viewer

Send online fields

Approver name

(Free text value, required field)

You can mention your customer name here. This name will appear in QuoteBee Online Viewer above Accept button.

Valid till

(Date value, required field)

Documents share using QuoteBee Online Viewer can have validity period attached to it. Your customers will not see this date. But your documents will not be accessible using QuoteBee Online Viewer after validity date.

Exception to this will be that if your document is already Accepted, then it will continue to be visible to anyone with the link even after validity period is over.


(Email value, required field)

Enter To email address to which mail with online viewer link will be sent. You can specify multiple emails separated by comma (,).


(Email value, optional field)

Enter any email address that you will like to copy in email. You can specify multiple emails separated by comma (,).


Emails entered in Cc will not receive automatic notifications of document opens, acceptance, or comments. They will, however, be copied in any comment reply messages that you send from QuoteBee Comments feature.


(Free text value, required field)

Enter your email subject here. All future notifications of document opens, acceptance, or comments will have the same subject line for easier correlation.


(Free text value, optional field)

Enter your message here. A link to QuoteBee Online Viewer will be inserted after your message automatically while sending an email.

Automatically sync when changes are made

(Checkbox, optional field)

By default, any changes you make in your Google Document will be published to QuoteBee Online Viewer automatically. You can deselect this option while sending mail if you do not want this behavior.

You can preview document as it will appear in QuoteBee Online Viewer before sharing it with your customers and make necessary changes to it, if required.

Stop sharing

Once you have published the document, you can come back to “Send online” screen anytime if you will like to unpublish the document from QuoteBee Online Viewer and select “Stop sharing” button.


If you unpublish a document from Google Document File > Publish to the web… menu, your document will not be visible to anyone with QuoteBee Online Viewer link, however, they may still be able to see any comments and acceptance in QuoteBee Online Viewer. To unpublish documents that were published with QuoteBee, please use “Stop sharing” option as described above.

Known limitations

Documents published with QuoteBee Online Viewer are shown as HTML version of your Google document. Due to this, any header or footer section as well as inline images that you may have in your document may not show correctly in Online Viewer.

To avoid any formatting issue, always Preview your documents from “Send online” option before sharing it with your customers.

Online Viewer

Your customers will receive a link to QuoteBee Online Viewer when you send a document from QuoteBee.

QuoteBee online viewer allows your customers to accept or comment on document. online viewer


Anyone with QuoteBee Online Viewer link can view document. Only forward email with QuoteBee viewer link to people you trust.

QuoteBee Notifications

QuoteBee notifications refers to events that happens on your document in QuoteBee Online Viewer.


Every time someone accesses link shared by you to view the document, you will receive notification. You can view audit trail to view details of from where your document was accessed.


If user comments on a document, you will receive notification with link to you Google Document. To view comment details, open your document and open Comments in QuoteBee sidebar.


Finally, when your customers accept your quotes, you will receive a notification. Approval comments if any will be visible in your Google Document under “Comments” option in QuoteBee.


All notifications will be sent to Gmail/G Suite email that was used while sending the document from QuoteBee.


QuoteBee Online Viewer allows your customers to view and comment on shared document.

Every time a comment is made on shared document in QuoteBee Online Viewer, a notification will be sent. online discussion


Notifications will be sent to Gmail/G Suite email that was used while sending the document from QuoteBee

To view comments entered in document, open your Google Document and start QuoteBee from Add-on menu. Then select “Comment” option from QuoteBee sidebar.

You can respond to your customers queries directly from Comments screen in QuoteBee. Enter your response and hit Send. An email will be sent to all recipients (to and cc) to whom the document is shared with your message and a link to QuoteBee Online Viewer.

Your response will also be visible to your customers as Comment under “Discussion history” area in QuoteBee Online Viewer.

Approval comments

If your document is in “Accepted” state, approval comments, if any, will be shown in Comments screen. If document is “Accepted”, you will not be able to make any further comments on the document.

Audit trail

QuoteBee maintains an audit trail of all important events in document life cycle. You can view detail by selecting “Audit trail” option in QuoteBee sidebar.

Events origin “QuoteBee/Google Docs” refers to all action that were taken from QuoteBee add-on in Google Docs.

Origin for acceptance in QuoteBee Online Viewer will have additional values for Device information on which document was viewed as well as IP address of device.