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Using Default Settings for Tax and Discounts Management

Tax and Discount Settings add-on Settings option allows you to define quote defaults that will be used across all your quotes. You have an option to override any default settings defined here directly when using add-on Quote Table feature in Configure tab.


You can define your tax categories only using Settings option from sidebar.


Define your default discount preference here. You can only apply line item based discount or overall discount in a single quote table, not both.

Please note that all discounts are applied before applying any taxes.

Set default discount values

No discount

Select this option to remove any applied discounts from quote table.

Line item discount

Select this option if you will like to selectively apply discount to your quote table only to certain items. Total value of all such line item based discount will be shown in the automatic pricing section under the quote table. You can control its visibility in pricing section as noted below in "Show/hide totals" section.

Total discount

Select this option to apply discount to overall pricing.


Select default currency. Please note that currency set as default here will also be used for Catalog item price field.

Set default currency


If you added an item from Catalog that has a different currency than one you selected here, you will need to manually convert the pricing of such items to match new currency selected here.

No. of decimals

You can control number of decimals in automatic pricing calculations section here. The number is rounded-up, if necessary.

Currently you can select between 0 to 2. If you require support for more decimals places, please share your feedback by sending an email to and we will do our best to implement it in next release.

Set default decimal value

Show/hide totals

You can select which lines are visible in automatic pricing calculations section of your final quote table by toggling selection here.

Set default pricing totals

Tax Setup

Use Tax section to define line item based or overall taxes to be used in quote tables. Taxes are always applied after discounts. For example, if line item has both line item discount and line item tax, discount will be applied before applying line item tax for subtotal calculation.

Overall tax is always calculated last after applying all line item based discounts and taxes.

Define tax categories

Adding taxes

Select tax type: Overall or Line item based.

Overall tax is applied to final pricing after discount calculations. Line item tax can be applied selectively to required line items in quote table.

Tax name

Give name to tax category. This name will appear in final quote table pricing section.

Tax percentage

Enter numeric value for tax category. Please note that you can only add up to two decimal places for tax values.


For Line item based tax categories, you will not be able to edit tax percentage value. It will default to 0. This is so that you can selectively apply line item based tax values in quote table and not to all items.

Deleting taxes

To delete defined tax category, please click on click on "Trash" icon against it.