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Content Library for reusable content

Content Library

You can use QuoteBee Content Library features to quickly insert reusable content in your quotes and proposals prepared with Google Docs.

Saving content

Save content to library

  1. To save reusable content, start by opening Google Document that has reusable content and then open QuoteBee from Add-on menu.
  2. Select the content that you want to save to library and select “Save to content library” from QuoteBee sidebar.
  3. Enter easy to remember but descriptive name for your content and hit “Save”.

Content library will create a new Google Document with name that you entered and content as per your selection in current document. Later you can insert this content in any document of your choice using QuoteBee.


Select a blank line above and below your selected content in Google Document to ensure your entire selection is saved to library.

Inserting content

Insert content from library

Anytime you want to insert content from your reusable library, select “Open content library” option form QuoteBee sidebar in Google Document of your choice.

Click on “+” sign next to the content that you will like to insert in current document.

You can also remove content from library by clicking on delete icon. Note that this will move it to Trash folder on your Google Drive.


Position cursor at start of new line where you want to insert content from QuoteBee content library to avoid existing content formatting getting disturbed.