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Using Quote Pricing Table with Google Docs

Quote Pricing Table quote pricing table is a visual editor to help you to create and add quote pricing tables in Google Document. Quote table also works with Catalog to easily add items from your catalog to your quote pricing table.

Quick start

  1. To use quote table, open your existing quote document/template or create new Google Document. Then start QuoteBee from Add-ons menu.
  2. Select "Quote table" option from add-on sidebar in your Google Document.
  3. Edit existing quote tables in current document, if any, or select Add new.
  4. A new modal screen with Quote table will open in your current document.

Open quote table from sidebar

When you select Quote table option in add-on sidebar, it opens with following tabs:

  1. Quote table
  2. Catalog
  3. Configure
  4. Theme

Quote table

Quote table is a primary screen where you can work with your quote details, add or remove quote line items, update item quantity, apply line item based taxes or discounts and more. Quote table options

All fields and columns in quote table are optional. However, to calculate line item based total and overall pricing, Quantity and Price items must have valid values.

By default, four columns will be visible in all quote tables, namely Details, Quantity, Price, and Subtotal.

Default columns

Details column

Use this column to update your line item (product and/or services) name and description. Double click or navigate to this cell in table for a given line item using keyboard arrow keys and press enter to edit it.

Enter your item name on first text box and item description in provided text area. Click Save to update line item details or press cancel to return to quote table without saving changes.


You can use keyboard arrow keys, tab key, and enter key to navigate and edit all rows in quote table.

Quantity column

Quantity is unit of measure for each line item in your quotes. It can be number of hours for services type of line items or number of units being supplied for physical product etc.

Price column

Enter your line item price per unit of quantity here. Please ensure that currency is as per your needs. You can change currency under Configure tab.

Subtotal column

Subtotal will be calculated as product of Quantity x Price for each line item. If you have applied any line item based discount or taxes, Subtotal will automatically calculate revised value for affected line items.

Adding and deleting columns

If you want to provide additional details in your quote table, one way to customise it is by using "Add column" option. Enter title of the column and press Add Column button.

Double click or navigate to cell and press enter on keyboard in new column that you have just added to edit it.

Any columns added manually can be deleted by hovering over column title and clicking on "X" icon to delete it. Please note that this action is irreversible.

You cannot delete default columns (Details, Quantity, Price, Subtotal). You can however, hide them if you do not want them to appear in your table.

Please note that deleting columns added in quote table by adding items from catalog will not delete corresponding values in catalog. If you want to recover such a catalog item columns deleted accidentally, just remove the item from quote table and add it again from catalog.


In case of too many columns in table, please resize the column you want to delete to view delete option clearly.

Adding and deleting rows

You can add new items directly in quote table by pressing "Add row". A new blank line item row will be added at the end of the table.

You can delete a row by clicking on "Trash" icon at the end of each row. Please note that this action is irreversible.

Show/hide columns

Visibility of any column in final quote can be controlled using this menu. All columns currently present in quote table will appear here. Toggling checkbox will show or hide columns.

Hiding core pricing columns such as Quantity, Price, Subtotal, or any line item based Discounts and Taxes will not have any effect on final pricing calculation.

Reordering rows and columns

You can easily reorder rows and columns in the table to suit your needs.

To reorder a row, use the drag icon at the start of each row and drop it where you want it before or after any other row in the table.

To reorder a column, click and drag column title and drop it where you want it before or after any other column in the table.

Resizing rows and columns

To resize given column, please hover your mouse on a border between two columns and drag it to left or right to expand respective left or right column. will ensure that all column resizes are proportionally reflected when you add the table in Google Document.

You cannot resize rows directly in quote table editor. will automatically adjust row size based on content in a row and column width automatically while adding the table in Google Document.

Save table

If you are still working on your quote table and want to save the draft version, click "Save". This will save the table for future edits without inserting table in your Google Document.

Please note that tables are saved in respective Google Documents. Table saved in one Google Document will not be visible in another Google Document.

To be able to quickly reuse quote tables in multiple quotes, please use "Folders" feature of Catalog management.

Save & add to document

Selecting this option will add quote table to Google Document at given cursor position.

Automatic pricing calculations

Every time you update Quantity, Price, Tax or Discount (line item based or overall), will automatically calculate overall error-free pricing for all items in the table.

Please refer to Configure section below to know more about adding/removing taxes and discounts in your quote table.


Selecting cancel or close icon on top right will discard all changes to quote table and return to document.


Adding items from catalog Catalog options

You can easily add items to quote table from your existing Catalog of products and services.

To search for item, start typing name of the item in search box and then select it. To add selected items in quote table, press "Add selected" button.

Any custom fields in your item will be added as new columns in quote table. If your item has a SKU number, it will also be added as a separate column in quote table.

Only folder name from your catalog item details will not be added in quote table.

Any changes to an item added from Catalog in quote table will not be saved in your catalog. Those changes will only be local to your current quote table. If you would like to permanently modify item details, you can do so using Catalog option in add-on sidebar.

Please refer to Catalog help document to know more about Catalog management features.

Configure Configuration options

You can configure all other pricing related parameters here. Remember to hit "Apply" to apply any changes made on configure tab to quote table.


You can only apply line item based discount or overall discount in a single quote table, not both.


All discounts are applied before applying any taxes.

No discount

Select this option to remove any applied discounts from quote table.

Line item discount

Select this option if you will like to selectively apply discount to your quote table only to certain items. Total value of all such line item based discount will be shown in the automatic pricing section under the quote table.

You can control its visibility in pricing section as noted below in "Show/hide totals" section.

Total discount

Select this option to apply discount to overall pricing.


Select the currency you want to apply to given quote table.


If you added an item from Catalog that has a different currency than one you selected here, you will need to manually convert the pricing of such items to match new currency selected here.

No. of decimals

You can control number of decimals in automatic pricing calculations section here. The number is rounded-up, if necessary.

Currently you can select between 0 to 2. If you require support for more decimals places, please share your feedback by sending an email to and we will do our best to implement it in future release.

Show/hide totals

You can select which lines are visible in automatic pricing calculations section of your final quote table by toggling selection here.


Use Tax section to apply line item based or overall taxes to quote table. Taxes are always applied after discounts. For example, if line item has both line item discount and line item tax, discount will be applied before applying line item tax for subtotal calculation.

You can configure new tax categories under Settings option in add-on sidebar.


Overall tax is always calculated at the end after applying all line item based discounts and taxes.

Removing applied taxes

To remove overall taxes, simply unselect it in Tax section of Configure tab of Quote table and hit apply.

To remove applied line item tax, unselect it in Tax section of Configure tab of Quote table, apply changes, and finally, delete tax column from quote table.


Changing table appearance Theme options

You can configure theme for quote table here to better match your quote template's theme or your brand.

You can also save default theme to be applied to all your quote tables under Settings option in add-on sidebar.

Selecting striped rows will apply different colors to alternate rows in table.

Please note that changes made on theme tab will be applied while inserting table in Google Document and will not be visible immediately in Quote table tab.

Known limitations is built ground up to work with Google Docs. This means that its abilities are within realm of what Google Docs APIs exposes. Following are some of the know limitations of working with Quote table editor. Understanding these limitations will help you easily work around them while using to further boost your productivity.

To avoid inserting table in document where other content is already present, place a cursor on new line where you will like to add quote table and then open Quote table screen from add-on sidebar.

Always use Edit and Delete option in Quote table menu to edit or delete table added previously using add-on in a given document.

You can edit and delete table directly in Google Document as well, however, will not be able to track those changes. Any subsequent changes using to those existing tables will override such manual changes with values present in Quote table when inserting again.

This applies to copy/cut/paste of quote tables in document as well. If you would like to move the position of existing quote table in Google Document, manually delete existing table in Google Document, position your cursor where you want to add table, and select "Quote table" from sidebar. Chose edit option to add table again to document in new position as shown here. You can also avoid this by copy/cut/paste of other contents in document above or below existing quote table in document.