Send online

Pro helps you share quotes and proposals prepared in Google Docs with your customers for online acceptance or discussion.

  1. Publish Google document to Online Viewer and set a validity period
  2. Automatically send emails to customers with QuoteBee Online Viewer link and a custom message
  3. Allow customers to view the document, accept it online, and comment on it

Quick start

  1. Once quotes/proposals are ready to be shared with customers, open from the Add-ons menu in Google Document.
  2. Select the “Send online” option for the sidebar.
  3. Enter relevant details such as customer name, document valid till date, customer email address, email subject, and email message.
  4. Click on the “Preview” button to preview the document in QuoteBee Online Viewer in the new tab.
  5. Hit “Send” once you are ready to share the document with customers. You can view email sent to your customers in your Gmail/G Suite email sent items.

SSend online

Document life cycle

Document lifecyle Online Viewer helps you navigate through the above mentioned cycle states of quotes/proposals. add-on sidebar will highlight the current status of the document at the top for each document where the add-on is being used.

Every time you start add-on in Google Document, it is saved as a Draft state.

Once the document is shared using Online Viewed, document status changes to Sent.

When your customers open the quote/proposal using the Online Viewed link, document status changes to Viewed.

If there is any customer feedback that requires changes to the document, you can unpublish it, make the changes, and share it again.

Finally, once the customer has accepted the quote/proposal online, the document status is changed to Accepted.