Pricing table pricing table is a visual editor to help you to create and add quote pricing tables in Google Docs.

The pricing table also works with Catalog to easily add items from your catalog to the pricing table.

Quick start

  1. To use the pricing table, open any existing Google Doc, or create a new Google Doc. Then start QuoteBee from the Add-ons menu.
  2. Select the "Pricing table" option from the add-on sidebar.
  3. Edit existing quote tables in the current document, if any, or select Add new.
  4. A new modal screen with a Pricing table will open in the current document.
  5. Right-click on header and rows for different options.
  6. Double click on header name or cell to edit. Click anywhere outside the editable area to save.

Default columns

The pricing table is a primary screen where you can work with quote details, add or remove quote line items, update the item quantity, apply line item based taxes or discounts, and more.

All fields and columns in the pricing table are optional. However, to calculate line item based total and overall pricing, Quantity and Price items must have valid values.

By default, four columns will be visible in the pricing tables:

  1. Details: Use this column to update the line item (product or services) name and description. Enter the item name in the first text box and item description in the provided text area.
  2. Quantity: Quantity is a unit of measure for each line item in quotes. It can be a number of hours for services type of line items or a number of units being supplied for the physical products etc. It is a mandatory value for the line item subtotal to be calculated.
  3. Price: Enter line item price per unit of quantity here. Please ensure that currency is as required. You can change the currency by right-clicking on any cell to bring up the options menu.
  4. Subtotal: Subtotal will be calculated as a product of Quantity x Price for each line item. If you have applied any line item based discount or taxes or other variable column types, Subtotal will automatically calculate the revised value for affected line items.
You can change column names by double-clicking on it.

Pricing table options

Pricing table options

Right-click on table header or rows for various options.

Row menu options:

Add row below: Adds a new row below the selected row.

Add column to right: Specify a unique name and select from available column types to add a new column to the right of the selected column.

Hide column: Default columns cannot be deleted but can be hidden along with any custom column.

Show hidden columns: Unhide hidden columns.

Currency: Select the currency for the pricing table.

Header menu options:

Use header menu options to change table theme including header color, row colors, striped rows, and text colors.

Adding rows and columns

Add new column

Right-click on any cell in the table and select "Add row below" or "Add column to right" option.

You can add columns of the following types:

  1. Text
  2. Multi-line text
  3. Fees: used for adding one time fees or any amount to line item total
  4. Tax: used for applying line item tax
  5. Discount: user for applying line item discounts
  6. Multiplier: can be used for custom pricing at the line item level

Additionally, you can also perform the following tasks on rows and columns in the pricing table.

  • Re-arrange column order by dragging on the column header name
  • Resize columns
  • Re-order rows by dragging on row
  • Hide or unhide columns
  • Delete rows
  • Delete columns (default columns can only be hidden and not deleted)

Tax and discounts

You can add tax or discount at the line item level or to the overall pricing table.

Line item level

To add line item level tax or discount, right-click on any cell and add a new column of type tax or discount.

Click on Tax or Discount type column header menu to toggle between a percentage or flat value.

Overall table level

Double click totals table tax or discount to directly update the value to be applied at the overall subtotal for all the line items.

Right-click on Tax or Discount to change between a percentage or flat mode or hide the row if it is not applicable.

Adding items from Catalog

You can quickly add items to the pricing table from your Catalog of products and services.

Switch to the Catalog tab and select items individually and click on "Add selected" to add items to the pricing table. Alternatively, you can add bundled items by selecting a bundle and then clicking on the "Add bundle" button at the top.

Any custom fields in the item will be added as new columns in the pricing table. If an item has an SKU number, it will also be added as a separate column in the pricing table.

Only the bundle name from catalog item details will not be added to the pricing table.

Any changes to an item added from the Catalog in the pricing table will not be saved in the catalog. Those changes will only be local to the current pricing table. If you would like to permanently modify item details, you can do so using the Catalog option in add-on sidebar.

Please refer to the Catalog help document to know more about the Catalog management features.

Saving your work


If you are still working on finalizing the pricing table and want to save the draft version, click "Save". This will save the table for future edits without inserting a table in Google Docs.

Please note that tables are saved in the respective Google Docs. The table saved in one document will not be visible in another document.

To be able to quickly reuse pricing tables in multiple documents, please use the Bundles feature of Catalog management.

Add to document

Selecting this option will add the pricing table to the document at the current cursor position.

Table are automatically saved in the Pro plan while adding to the document.

Edit tables

Pro is built ground up to work with Google Docs. This means that it works within options available in Google Documents to programmatically edit documents. Understanding these limitations will help you easily work around them while using to further boost your productivity.

To avoid inserting the table in the document where other content is already present, place a cursor on the new line where you will like to add a pricing table and then open the Pricing table modal from add-on sidebar.

You can edit and delete the table directly in Google Document as well, however, will not be able to track those changes. Any subsequent changes using the Pricing table editor to any existing tables will override such manual changes with values present in the Pricing table when inserting again.

If you would like to edit the existing pricing table in Google Document, manually delete the existing table in Google Document, position the cursor where you want to add a table, and select "Pricing table" from sidebar. Chose the edit option to add the table again to the document.